"Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen." ~ Shakti Gawain

Shiatsu / Massage in Pregnancy

There are many potential benefits of bodywork for mother and baby...

Benefits for the mother

  • Complementary care to relieve common complaints such as nausea, puffy legs, back and shoulder tension etc. which are caused by physical changes in the mother's body.
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques can help the mother to relax and tune into her body, baby and feelings.
  • Postural awareness can be taught in order to make it easier to integrate the physical changes into everyday life.
  • Exercises can be learned that will help support the physical changes of pregnancy and may be useful in preparation for the birth. These will include various stretches used to alleviate some forms of discomfort like leg cramps, back pain,
  • The partner and even children can get involved by learning some massage techniques and other helpful things to support the mother during the pregnancy. This can improve communication in the family and strengthens pre natal bonding.

Benefits for the baby

  • Massage can help the baby to settle into a good position for labour (optimal foetal positioning).
  • A relaxing environment and a good body feeling from the mother will benefit the relaxation of the baby.
  • The prenatal bonding experience between mother and baby is encouraged and enhanced.

Benefits of bodywork in preparation for and in giving birth

  • The mother is given a space to tune into her body and its needs.
  • She can prepare for labour physically and emotionally and it also increases her awareness of her baby .
  • Promotes a feeling that she can trust in her body and raises confidence in having a positive birth experience.
  • To develop individual guidelines for working with pain in labour.
  • To include the partner and develop pratical methods for them to be involved during labour.

Potential benefits may include

  • Shorter labor, reduced need for caesarean deliveries, forceps and vacuum extraction, increase of oxytocin and use of other medical drugs.
  • Easier and less painfull labours.
  • A reduction in anxiety due to positive feelings about birth and own strength of handling labour pains.

Benefits of postnatal work

  • Assists in postnatal recovery and aids in reestablishing pre-pregnancy physiology in the mothers body through strenghtening of abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, relieving back and shoulder aches and pains, improving circulation, assisting lymphatic flow as well as stabilising the overall energy flow in the body.
  • May help prevent or provide support in cases of postnatal depression.
  • Touch may help in the birthing recovery process by helping relieve stress and trauma, especially if the birthing experience differed from the mother' s expectations.
  • It faciliates the healing of the effects medical interventions or any other strains may have had on the mothers body during birth.
  • Provides a relaxed environment to rest and ease fatigue and have a space to be with the baby without other demands or distractions.

Sessions: 1hr R700
            1,5hrs R950

Sessions may be conducted in the comfort of your own home


Anne's understanding of the female body in the transition of pregnancy has been extremely supportive. She has shared her understanding, which has helped me appreciate and surrender to the experience more. Her application and knowledge of relevant massage techniques is appropriate each time to my state of being. It is wonderful when someone listens and supports. She is extremely professional and goes the extra mile, keeping my state in consideration at all times... e.g. forgetfulness to purchase products, she will happily assist. I have worked with her through my first trimester, I am in my second trimester and I intend to work with her the whole way through...


I started my sessions with Anne in the first trimester and continued monthly throughout my pregnancy - every session was both relaxing and energising due to Anne's effective style; combining massage, pressure points, stretches and sometimes relaxation techniques. The Elemental Balance magic was most evident when I had an induction looming and Anne and I worked together to encourage baby to come on his own - I went into labour that night! The three other moms I know who've seen Anne for labour induction sessions had similar experiences. From beginning to end, Anne was a special part of my first pregnancy journey, passionately sharing her skill and knowledge - I confidently recommend her to anyone!


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